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  • Rs28.00 Rs20.00
    Barbati Packed 250Gm

    Barbati Packed 250Gm

    Barbati is a special class of the Whole legume. It is a first-rate supply of protein and fibre fit f..

    Rs28.00 Rs20.00
  • Rs55.00 Rs39.25
    Barbati Packed 500Gm
  • Rs95.00 Rs79.00
    Kabuli Chana Packed 500Gm
  • Rs70.00 Rs38.75
    Kala Chana Packed 500 Gm
  • Rs58.00 Rs54.75
    Rajma Pink Packed 500Gm
  • Rs55.00 Rs53.75
    Rajma Red Packed  500Gm
  • Safed Matar (White Peas) Packed 500Gm
  • Rs60.00 Rs32.75
    Soyabean Peas (Dana) Packed 500Gm
  • Kabuli Chana Packed 250Gm
  • Rs110.00 Rs77.25
    Barbati 1 Kg

    Barbati 1 Kg

    Barbati is a special class of the Whole legume.It is a great source of protein and fibre...

    Rs110.00 Rs77.25
  • Rs110.00 Rs105.75
    Rajma Red 1 Kg

    Rajma Red 1 Kg


    Rs110.00 Rs105.75
  • Rs116.00 Rs95.75
    Rajma Pink 1 Kg

    Rajma Pink 1 Kg


    Rs116.00 Rs95.75
  • Rs65.00 Rs57.25
    Soyabean Dana (Peas) 1 Kg
  • Rs50.00 Rs41.50
    Safed Matar (White Peas) 1 Kg
  • Rs190.00 Rs158.00
    Kabuli Chana 1 Kg

    Kabuli Chana 1 Kg


    Rs190.00 Rs158.00
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