Other Rice Varients

  • Rs11.00 Rs10.00
    Mordhan Packed 100Gm

    Mordhan Packed 100Gm

    Barnyard Millet or Mordhan is used for making sweet and salty snacks for fast and for general consum..

    Rs11.00 Rs10.00
  • Rs110.00 Rs97.50
    Mordhan Packed 1Kg

    Mordhan Packed 1Kg


    Rs110.00 Rs97.50
  • Rs28.00 Rs26.50
    Mordhan Packed 250Gm
  • Rs55.00 Rs48.75
    Mordhan Packed 500Gm
  • Rs38.00 Rs26.75
    Rajgir  Packed 250Gm
  • Rs75.00 Rs51.50
    Rajgir  Packed 500Gm
  • Rs10.00 Rs10.00
    Ramdana Packed 100Gm
  • Rs100.00 Rs92.50
    Ramdana Packed 1Kg

    Ramdana Packed 1Kg


    Rs100.00 Rs92.50
  • Rs25.00 Rs23.50
    Ramdana Packed 250Gm
  • Rs50.00 Rs47.00
    Ramdana Packed 500Gm
  • Rs26.00 Rs23.75
    Sabudana Loose (Packed) 250Gm
  • Rs50.00 Rs45.75
    Sabudana Loose (Packed) 500Gm
  • Rs100.00 Rs89.25
    Sabudana Loose (Packed) 1 Kg
  • Morpankh Sawa Bhagar (Mordhan) 500Gm Packet
  • Saccha Moti Tapioca Sago Small Sabudana 500Gm
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