Noodles\Pasta & Vermicelli

  • Rs70.00 Rs52.50
    Pasta Loose (Packed) 1Kg

    Pasta Loose (Packed) 1Kg

    Pasta is now available in 1 kg loose pack.So that you can cook yummy and tasty pasta anyti..

    Rs70.00 Rs52.50
  • Rs18.00 Rs14.50
    Pasta Loose (Packed) 250Gm

    Pasta Loose (Packed) 250Gm

    Pasta is used to make spicy servings as snacks for anytime be it tea break or for fun with your love..

    Rs18.00 Rs14.50
  • Rs35.00 Rs26.75
    Pasta Losse (Packed) 500Gm
  • Rs30.00 Rs29.25
    Knorr Soupy Noodles 154 Gm
  • Rs25.00 Rs24.50
    Maggi Pasta Cheese 70Gm
  • Yippee Noodles Classic Masala 75 Gm
  • Yippee Noodles Magic Masala 70 Gm
  • Yippee Noodles Classic Masala 35Gm
  • Yippee Noodles Magic Masala 35Gm
  • Yippee Noodles Classic Masala 280Gm
  • Rs45.00 Rs44.00
    Yippee Noodles Magic Masala 280 Gm
  • Rs25.00 Rs24.50
    Yippee Pasta Tricolor Masala 70 Gm
  • Rs25.00 Rs24.50
    Maggi Pasta Mushroom 64 Gm
  • Maggi 2 Minute Noodles Masala 420 Gms
  • Rs45.00 Rs44.25
    Maggi Noodles Masala 280 Gms
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